Level 2 Group 1 Class Notes 6th October 2015 & Group 2 7th October


  1. Learning about the exam in January

  2. Words to describe people

  3. Presentations

  4. Grammar explanations & team work

  5. Present Perfect & Past Simple

Today’s words

Bungee jump

awkward adjective (DIFFICULT)

B2 difficult to use, do, or ​deal with:It’s an awkward ​corner, so take it ​slowly.Some of the ​questions were ​rather awkward.It was an awkward ​ascent, but we ​reached the ​topeventually.[+ to infinitive] My car’s ​quite awkward todrive.He’s an awkward customer (= a ​difficultperson to ​deal with).

More examples

awkward adjective (EMBARRASSING)

B2 causingproblems, ​worry, or ​embarrassment:an awkward ​position/​situationThere ​followed an awkward ​silence while we all ​tried to ​think of something to say.

impress verb [I or T, not continuous]

UK   US   /ɪmˈpres/

B2 to ​cause someone to ​admire or ​respect you:I ​remember when I was a ​child being very impressed with how many ​toys she had.Your ​mother was ​clearly not impressed byourbehaviour in the ​restaurant.

fascinated adjective

UK   /ˈfæs.ɪ.neɪ.tɪd/  US   /-t̬ɪd/

B2 extremelyinterested:We ​watched fascinated as he ​cleaned and ​repaired the ​watch.I was fascinated tohear about his ​travels in Japan.They were ​absolutely fascinated by the ​game.

dice noun [C] (GAME)

C2 (US also or old use die) a ​small cube (= ​object with six ​equalsquaresides) with a different ​number of ​spots on each ​side, used in ​gamesinvolvingchance:We need two dice to ​play the ​game.You roll/​throw the dice and whoever gets the ​highestscore goes first.

dice verb (CUT)

C2 [T] to ​cutfood into ​smallsquares:Peel and dice the ​potatoes.diced ​carrots

dice verb (GAME)

dice with death to do something ​extremelydangerous and ​silly:You’re dicing with ​deathdriving at that ​speed on ​icyroads.

Present Perfect

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