Level 2 Group 1 Class Notes – 5th October 2015 – IT workshop lesson – WORK HARD!

Objectives – today’s lesson will be ‘workshop style’ (you do the work and I shop online on ebay … only joking …

Here is what you need to do by the end of today (hopefully).

  1. Complete your Level 2 paper-based diagnostic test.
  2. Go on BKSB and do the Functional English Initial Assessment. You need to achieve Level 1. If you haven’t got a Level 1 result yet – this is what you will be doing today. Work through the lower level exercises and then I will re-set and you will re-take the test.
  3. Complete the BKSB Maths Initial Assessment. The college insists that you do this. Every student has to have their maths level assessed and then we can work on improving your maths level throughout the year.
  4. Have you had a one-to-one I.L.P. with me? If not, you need to book one in.
  5. Do you know when you are doing your Monday 5 minute video presentation? And your Tuesday 10 minute Prezi presentation!!!!!!??? If you want to work on your PREZI, you can do this today.
  6. Test your Level 2 skills Becta website: Linking ideas Level 2: Writing and Listening
  7. Test your Level 2 skills Becta website: Practice test – reading Level 2: Reading
  8. Test your writing skills here: https://sat.ilexir.co.uk/

Today’s words

Use a prefix to write the opposite of a word:


  1. unambitious
  2. unreliable
  3. dishonest
  4. unpunctual
  5. incompetent
  6. unconfident
  7. uncreative
  8. disloyal

A noun for the adjectives

  1. competence & competency
  2. reliability
  3. ambition
  4. honesty
  5. punctuality
  6. creativity
  7. loyalty
  8. confidence
  9. determination
  10. laziness
  11. jealousy

determination noun

UK   /dɪˌtɜː.mɪˈneɪ.ʃən/  US   /-ˌtɝː-/

determination noun (TRYING HARD)

B2 [U] the ​ability to ​continuetrying to do something, ​although it is very ​difficult:a man of ​fierce/​ruthless determination

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