MarkESOL 5 minute grammar lesson – Using Going to for the future

MarkESOL trying to teach ‘going to’ for future in 5 minutes – Lockdown Learning!?

Here are some online exercises for your English language lockdown learning.

Below the exercises is the Google Doc transcript from the 5-minute grammar lesson. Extra teacher talk from the video not included!

Online exercises: going to for future:

Today’s video Google Doc transcript

MarkESOL 5 minute grammar lesson. 

Using Going to for the future.

Today we’re going to be covering:

  1.   Times and dates in the future
  2. When do we use going to?
  3. Making statements
  4. Making negative statements
  5. Making questions
  6. Short answers

Times in the future

This afternoon, this evening. Tomorrow morning. Tonight. ON Sunday. Saturday, next Monday. Next week.

Next month, next year. Or in June. In 2024. Next year. Or in 5 years. In 2 weeks.  In a hundred years time. In a few minutes. later.

In the future.

There are lots of different verbs and ways we can talk about the future in English. English is complicated and difficult! Arggggghhhh!

So how do we use going to make sentences or statements?

When we’re sure of what is going to happen. Plans. Things that we are sure are going to happen.

If I see a big grey cloud, I can say, “It’s going to rain.” I have evidence. I’ve seen the cloud.

I am going to eat in 10 minutes.

I’m not going to go shopping today. 

I’m going to exercise in the park later.

Statements with – going to

subjectTo begoing toInfinitive verb Extra informationwhen
Iamgoing toeattoastsoon
she/he/itisgoing tovisither friendtomorrow
wearegoing toStudy EnglishOn Wednesday
youaregoing toexercisein the parkThis afternoon
theyaregoing togoto PortugalIn the summer

Negative statements with – going to

subjectTo benegativegoing toInfinitive verb Extra informationwhen
Iamnotgoing toeattoastsoon
she/he/itisnotgoing tovisither friendtomorrow
wearenotgoing toStudy EnglishOn Wednesday
youarenotgoing toexerciseiIn the parkThis afternoon
theyarenotgoing togoto PortugalIn the summer

Questions with – going to

Question wordTo besubjectgoing toInfinitive verb Extra informationwhen
AmIgoing toeattoastsoon?
Isshe/he/itgoing tovisither friendtomorrow?
Arewegoing toStudy EnglishOn Wednesday?
Areyougoing toexercisein the parkThis afternoon?
Aretheygoing togoto PortugalIn the summer?

Short answers with going to

Q: Are you going to do your homework?

A: Yes, I am.

Q: Is this going to be fun?

A: No, it’s not.

Q: Is this going to happen again?

A: Yes, it is.

Things to remember!

Use the verb to be.

Use going to for things that are certain. That are going to happen.

Use the infinitive form of the verb after going to. That’s really important.

Bye bye bye!!!