“Paying compliments” + text type & purpose – Entry 3 Group 2 class notes 24th February 2016


  1. Revision quiz

  2. Paying compliments – mental health awareness week

  3. Text types

  4. Purpose of texts

Types of text:

poems or poetry




biography noun [C or U]

B1 the ​lifestory of a ​person written by someone ​else:He ​wrote a biography of Winston Churchill.

autobiography noun

[C] a ​book about a person’s ​life, written by that ​person:Tony Blair’s autobiography was a ​bestseller.

weather forecast
comics or cartoons

persuasive adjective

C1 making you ​want to do or ​believe a ​particular thing:a persuasive ​speaker/​speechYour ​arguments are very persuasive.He can be very persuasive.


adverb UK  

information noun [U]

UK   /ˌɪn.fəˈmeɪ.ʃən/  US   /ˌɪn.fɚˈmeɪ.ʃən/(informal info)

A2 facts about a ​situation, ​person, ​event, etc.:Do you have any information about/ontraintimes?I ​read an ​interesting bit/​piece of information in the ​newspaper.For ​further information (= if you ​want to ​know more), ​pleasecontactyourlocallibrary.
throat lozenge – a medicinal sweet for when you have a sore throat:
You might need a walking guide for going to the Yorkshire Dales:

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