Superstitions & traditions – Level 2 Group 2 class notes – 25th February 2016

Contrary to the accepted myth, we can’t see The Great Wall of China from space. Look at this video from the International Space Station to see what we can see:


  1. Traditions & superstitions reading

  2. connectors and discourse markers reading & writing

  3. National Careers Service visit

  4. National Careers Service: Careers advice – jobs information …

    The National Careers Service website provides careers advice and information on a wide range of jobs, training course resources and funding.

Make a quick list of 8-10 things that you do on an average day

Number them & put them in order

Now reply to this email from your friend Rula:

Hi buddy,

How’s it going? I am doing a project for my health studies and I need someone (a friend like you, maybe!?) to help me. It’s really important! Can you help? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here’s what I need you to do: can you write me an email and tell me about your day and everything you do. All the fun things and all the stressful things. When you’re being “assaulted by the clocks of modern urbanity” and when you’re more chilled out.

Oh, by the way, your teacher has asked if you can use linking words and write in paragraphs. Is that okay?


see you next week,

Rula xxx



Today’s words:

relative pronouns. The boys always go to school, their class is brilliant!

  • accommodate verb [T] (SUIT)

to give what is ​needed to someone:The new ​policiesfail to accommodate the ​disabled.We always ​try to accommodate (= ​help)ourclients withfinancialassistance if ​necessary.accommodate yourself to ​change yourself or ​yourbehaviour to ​suit another ​personor new ​conditions:Some ​find it hard to accommodate themselves to the new ​workingconditions.

recede verb [I]

to ​movefurther away into the ​distance, or to ​become less ​clear or less ​bright:As the ​boatpicked up ​speed, the ​coastline receded into the ​distance until ​finally it ​becameinvisible.The ​painfulmemoriesgradually receded in her ​mind.

Jude Law’s receding hairline:




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