Level 2 Group 2 – Class Notes 22nd October 2015


  1. College survey

  2. Will you tell your story?

  3. For & against arguments – education

  4. Using Moodle & email addresses

  5. Exam – the final chapter!

  6. Arash’s presentation

  7. Listening practice

  8. Grammar – would & used to


a satchel:

tremendous adjective

UK   US   /trɪˈmen.dəs/

B2 very ​great in ​amount or ​level, or ​extremely good:They were making a tremendous ​amount of ​noise last ​night.She’s been a tremendous (= very ​great)help to me over the last few ​months.You ​won? That’s tremendous!

bemoan verb [T]

UK   /bɪˈməʊn/  US   /-ˈmoʊn/ formal

to ​complain or ​express sadness about something:Researchers at ​universities are always bemoaning ​theirlack of ​funds.

poise noun [U]

UK   US   /pɔɪz/ approving

calmconfidence in a person’s way of ​behaving, or a ​quality ofgrace (= ​moving in an ​attractive way) and ​balance in the way a ​personholds or ​movestheirbody:He ​lookedembarrassed for a ​moment, then ​quicklyregained his poise.Her ​confidence and poise show that she is a ​topmodel.

parentage noun [U]

UK   /ˈpeə.rən.tɪdʒ/  US   /ˈper.ən.t̬ɪdʒ/

When you refer to people’s parentage, you ​meantheirparentsand/or ​their parent’s ​country and ​socialclass:The ​novelstarts when a ​child of ​unknown parentage is ​left at the ​house of the ​localpriest.She is of ​mixed Australian and ​Japanese parentage.

stranglehold noun [C usually singular]

UK   /ˈstræŋ.ɡl̩.həʊld/  US  /-hoʊld/ disapproving

a ​position of ​completecontrol that ​prevents something from ​developing:The two ​majorcompanies have been tighteningtheir strangleholdon the ​beermarket.

judiciary noun [C, + sing/pl verb]

UK   /dʒuːˈdɪʃ.ər.i/  US   /-ɚ-/

the ​part of a country’s ​government that is ​responsible for ​itslegalsystem, ​including all the ​judges in the country’s ​courts:a ​member of the judiciary

stratify verb [T]

UK   /ˈstræt.ɪ.faɪ/  US   /ˈstræt̬-/

to ​arrange the different ​parts of something in ​separatelayersor ​groups:The ​sample of ​peoplequestioned was ​drawn from the university’s ​studentregister and stratified byage and ​gender.a stratified ​society

noun [U] UK   /ˌstræt.ɪ.fɪˈkeɪ.ʃən/  US   /ˌstræt̬-/ formal

The ​primeministerwants to ​reduce social stratification and make the ​country a ​classlesssociety. (stratified rock)

perpetuate verb [T]

UK   /pəˈpetʃ.u.eɪt/  US   /pɚˈpetʃ-/ formal

to ​cause something to ​continue:Increasing the ​supply of ​weapons will only perpetuate the ​violenceand ​anarchy.The ​aim of the ​association is to perpetuate the ​skills of ​traditionalfurnituredesign.

noun [U] UK   /pəˌpetʃ.uˈeɪ.ʃən/  US   /ˌpɚ.petʃ-/

The ​lack of ​militaryaction from other ​countries has ​contributed to the perpetuation of the ​civilwar.

resent verb [T]

UK   US   /rɪˈzent/

C2 to ​feelangry because you have been ​forced to ​acceptsomeone or something that you do not like:She ​bitterly resented her father’s new ​wife.[+ -ing verb] He resents having to ​explain his ​work to other ​people.

More examples

noun [C or U] UK   US   /-mənt/

C2He ​feels/​harbours (a) ​deep resentment against/towards his ​parentsfor his ​miserablechildhood.

Arash’s Presentation about Iran’s aquaducts

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