Level 2 Group 1 – class notes – 16th & 17th November 2015


    1. Continue your BKSB diagnosis – boring but important

    2. News about the City & Guilds Level 2 Reading exam

    3. Send me your gallery art photos for tomorrow’s lesson

    4. Enrichment: visiting speakers & visits – who would you like to come and visit you? Where would you like to go?

    5. What is art? What different ways can you think of to express yourself?

    6. The man who creates art in his sleep

    7. The Appropriation Artist – Your Instagram image could be his $40,000 artwork

    8. Salford City College – City Campus – The Wow Factor ideas

    9. The Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth Art Project

    10. Anthony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth Project


    12. Sarah’s Prezi presentation on coping strategies for stress.

    13. Early finish + Meetings with Mark (part 1 & 2 of 6)

      P1060197 P1060198 P1060200

describing art example sentences:

job enrichment noun [U]

UK   US   (also job enhancement) HR

moving adjective (FEELINGS)

B2 causingstrongfeelings of sadness or ​sympathy:a very moving ​storyI ​find some of Brahms’s ​music deeplymoving.

unconventional adjective

UK   US  /ˌʌn.kənˈven.ʃən.əl/

C1 different from what is ​usual or from the way most ​people do things:an unconventional ​childhood/​lifestyle/​marriage

thought-provoking adjective

UK   /ˈθɔːt.prəˈvəʊk.ɪŋ/ US   /ˈθɑːt.prəˌvoʊk-/

making you ​think a lot about a ​subject:a thought-provoking ​book/​film


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