Complaining about the weather is a full-time job – Entry 3 Group 2 class notes 8th June 2016

Loud bursts of thunder and brilliant flashes of lightning were captured by residents on mobile phones on Tuesday night as the humid, sunny weather gave way to violent thunderstorms.


  1. Find a fan to keep the classroom cool!

  2. Why do British people always talk about the weather?

  3. Discuss the most annoying things in Britain today

  4. When was the last time you complained?

  5. Formal letter writing style

  6. Write a complaint letter to a restaurant

What is most annoying for you?

Spam email?


Or traffic jams?

Formal letter format:


Today’s words:

insist verb [I]

B1 to say firmly or demand forcefully, especially whenothers disagree with or oppose what you say:[+ (that)] Greg still insists (that) he did nothing wrong.Please go first – I insist!She insisted on seeing her lawyer.

inconvenience noun [C or U]

C1 a state or an example of problems or trouble, oftencausing a delay or loss of comfort:We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the late arrival of the train.We had the inconvenience of being unable to use the kitchen for several weeks.Having to wait for ten minutes was a minor inconvenience.

convenient adjective

B1 suitable for your purposes and needs and causing the least difficulty:Our local shop has very convenient opening hours.A bike’s a very convenient way of getting around.

near or easy to get to or use:a very convenient bus serviceOur new house is very convenient for (= near to) the kidsschool.

reserve verb [T]

B1 to keep something for a particular purpose or time:I reserve Mondays for tidying my desk and answeringletters.These seats are reserved for the elderly and women with babies.I reserve judgment on this issue (= I won’t give an opinion on it now) until we have more information.

B1 If you reserve something such as a seat on an aircraftor a table at a restaurant, you arrange for it to be keptfor your use:I reserved a double room at the Lamb Hotel.
  • reservation noun (THING KEPT)

B1 [C or U] an arrangement in which something such as aseat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant is kept for you:I’d like to make a table reservation for two people for nine o’clock.

chaos noun [U]

B2 a state of total confusion with no order:Snow and ice have caused chaos on the roads.Ever since our secretary walked out, the office has been in astate of total/utter chaos.

Complaint letter – Entry 3 Group 2 – 4th May 2016


  1. Review game – articles & superlatives

  2. Review game – part 2 – lots of grammar and vocabulary

  3. Complaining -role play

  4. Composing a complaint letter

  5. Formal writing

  6. Abdulaziz presentation on Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin:

The journey of the Beagle (Charles Darwin’s ship)

Today’s words:

Faithfully or Sincerely?

Which do you use to sign off a letter?

This is a very useful mnemonic.

The rule is “Never 2 S’s together”

Dear Sir / Yours Faithfully.

Dear Mr A.N. Other / Yours Sincerely.

faithfully adverb

faithfully adverb (LOYALLY)

in a loyal way or a way that can be trusted:He served the family faithfully for 40 years.She promised faithfully (= made a firm promise) that she would never leave him.

Yours faithfully B2 mainly UK

used at the end of a formal letter beginning with “DearSir” or “Dear Madam

sincerely adverb

honestly and without pretending or lying:I’m sincerely grateful.

(yours) sincerely B1 (US also Sincerely yours)

used to end a formal letter that is sent to a particular person

purchase verb [T]

B2 to buy something:Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.Except under clearly defined circumstances, it is illegal in Britainfor a company to purchase its own shares.She purchased her first house with the money.

trace verb [T]

trace verb [T] (FIND)

C1 to find someone or something that was lost:The police are trying to trace the mother of a newborn babyfound abandoned outside a hospital.Attempts to trace the whereabouts of a man seen leaving thescene of the crime have so far been unsuccessful.Their missing daughter was finally traced to (= found in)Manchester.
C1 to find the origin of something:The phone company was unable to trace the call.No one has yet been able to trace the source of the rumour.