Learning to see the other side of the story & describing a process

Class Objectives: 

  1. Seeing the other side of the story – quickly creating pros & cons for new topics

  2. Sequencing words – knowledge review (relates to exam Task 4)

  3. Following a process – folding paper (exam Task 2)

  4. Describing a game show to a partner (exam Task 2)

  5. Listening to a description of a game show (every single task!)

Trinity Level 2 Speaking & Listening exam:

◗◗ Task 4 — Three candidates discuss topics based on an issue of national or global importance.
◗◗ Task 2 — Candidate listens to the examiner describe a complex process during which the candidate asks questions and makes appropriate comments to demonstrate understanding.

  1. It can be difficult to understand opinions other than your own but it’s a valuable skill. If you can see the other side of the argument you can predict what people are going to say and it’s easier to argue against their opinion. Also, it’s mature and sensible to see both sides of an argument and ABSOLUTELY necessary if you’re giving a presentation or writing a university or IELTS essay. LIST 3 ARGUMENTS IN FAVOUR AND 3 TO REBUT THE IDEA.

    rebut verb [ T ]

    UK formal

    She has rebutted charges that she has been involved in any financial malpractice.

    Image result for in seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story

  2. Confidence check. How good are you at following instructions? Green is very confident, amber is unsure, and red is less confident. It doesn’t matter which you choose, it will depend on the task and your past experience. Pair up with someone with the opposite level of self-confidence for this task. Choose someone you don’t normally work with. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science!

3. List all the sequencing words and conjunctions you can think of. Can they be grouped according to function? You will need these words during the next task.

4. Game shows. How much do you know about game shows? What British and American game shows can you name?

Do you know Deal or No Deal? What are the rules? What happens? Hands up if you know the game. Explain it to your partner. Try to use sequencing words and conjunctions. The person listening should ask questions and make appropriate comments to demonstrate understanding.

.Let’s watch to see how accurate your description was:

How about this quiz? What do you think happens in this show?

Now you are going to watch a game show and explain how it works to your partner (without listening to the sound). Watch it once or twice then explain the rules and the explain what happens using sequencing words. Your partner should listen and ask questions and make appropriate comments to demonstrate understanding.

Game show 1

Game show 2

Now we are going to see if you can work in a group of 3 and create your own idea for a game show so that we can all make a million pounds when we sell it to the BBC. I will give you a list of objects to use. This will test your sequencing words skills, presentation skills and your ability to understand, explain and question processes. Good luck.

Seeing the other side + the flip side is … – student ideas:

It’s better to be good looking than intelligent.

Good looking

  1. Better chance to get a partner, but an intelligent person might be more charming.
  2. Appearance is important in society because people accept you more easily but your mind, but personality is the most important thing.


  1. Jobs look for intelligence, but you need a good appearance in job interviews.

Should some illegal drugs be made legal?


  1. It’s being sold on the Black Market. It’s available from criminals. If it’s allowed freely criminals won’t have access to it and it’ll fight crime. But if drugs are legal there will be more crimes because when they use drugs people lose control.
  2. If it was legal young people would be able to have the drugs, but young people will become dependent on the drugs and this could cause problems.
  3. If they were legal we could tax them, but there is a MORAL ARGUMENT. IS IT MORALLY WRONG to let people have drugs?
  4. Forbidden things increase the demand.

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