Reading exam practice & superstitions – Level 1 – 19th October

Lesson Objectives

  1. Proofreading practice

  2. Homework review

  3. modals game – Barcelona vs Manchester City (City will win!)

  4. Group reading about superstitions on the wall

  5. Reading exam practice – in IT session

City & Guilds Level 1 mock READING EXAM

Today’s words:

decent adjective

B2 socially acceptable or good:

Everyone should be entitled to a decent wage/standard of living.
I thought he was a decent person.
It was very decent (= kind) of you tohelp.
It made quite a decent-sized (= large)hole.
After the recent scandal, the priest is expected to do the decent thing and resign from his position.
a tall blonde footballer:

swell verb

UK /swel/ US /swel/ swelled, swollen or swelled

C2 [ I or T ] to become larger and rounder than usual; to (causeto) increase in size or amount:

It was obvious she had broken her toe, because it immediately started to swell (up).
animal fur
children’s slide:
an emergency slide on a plane:
a mobile home:
swollen tonsils:
bottles of red wine:

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