Grammar schools and used to – what do you know about the British education system – Level 2 – 13th October 2016


  1. Understand ILP targets.

  2. Discuss grammar schools

  3. Use ‘used to’ to talk about past habits and experiences

  4. What makes a good teacher?

  • Prepare and give a 4 minute presentation
  • Take part in a role play to demonstrate negotiation skills
  • Listen and ask and answer questions about a complex process
  • Take part in a 3-way discussion on a topic of global or national interest

Why does Theresa May want to bring back grammar schools?

Today’s words:

chatterbox noun [ C ]

a person, especially a child, who talks a lot:

Your sister’s a real chatterbox!

abstain verb [ I ] (NOT VOTE)

to decide not to use your vote:

63 members voted in favour, 39opposed, and 15 abstained.

elitist adjective

organized for the good of a fewpeople who have specialinterests or abilities:

Many remember sport at school as elitist, focusing only on those who were good at it.

elite noun [ C, + sing/pl verb ]

C1 the richest, most powerful, best-educated, or best-trainedgroup in a society:

the country’s educated elite
a member of the elite
disapproving A powerful and corruptelite has bled this country dry.

tertiary adjective

tertiary adjective (THIRD)


formal relating to a third levelor stage

coeducational adjective

having male and femalestudents being taught together in the same school or collegerather than separately:

Girls tend to do better academicallyin single-sex schools than in coeducational ones.
school assembly:
Image result for school assembly
In the UK, a PhD stands for ‘Doctor of Philosophy’, sometimes referred to as a ‘doctorate’. It is the highest level of degree that a student can achieve. At some institutions, including Oxford University, a Doctor of Philosophy is known as a DPhil.
A graduate wearing a mortarboard (on his head):
Image result for degree students graduating
free school
 (in England) a school set up by an organization or a group of individuals, funded by the government but not controlled by the local authority.
Academy schools are state-funded schoolsin England which are directly funded by the Department for Education and independent of local authority control. The terms of the arrangements are set out in individualAcademy Funding Agreements. Most academies are secondary schools.
How much are Eton fees?
£240,000 for a princely education at Eton. Arguably the most famous of private schools in the UK – both the Princes attended – is Eton. Eton’s schooling costs a whopping £34,434 per year – nearly three times as much as the minimum wage in the UK.

process noun [ C ]

B2 a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result:

the peace process
Increasing the number of women in top management jobs will be a slow process.
This decision may delay the process of European unification.
The party has begun the painful (= difficult) process of rethinking its policies andstrategy.

negotiation noun [ C or U ]

The agreement was reached after a series of difficult negotiations.
The exact details of the agreement are still under negotiation.
Negotiation for the pay increase is likely to take several weeks.

educated guess noun [ C usually singular ]

C2 a guess that is made using judgment and a particular level ofknowledge and is therefore more likely to be correct

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