Test the size of your vocabulary & your knowledge of the weekly news – Level 2 – 3rd October 2016


  1. How big is your vocabulary? Watch the infographic video and work it out.

  2. Then test your vocabulary knowledge with the quiz: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zs8xj6f

  3. This photo is from a newspaper, what is the story? Download the Guardian app & read it daily.

  4. How much do you know about the news? Where do you get your news from? What is happening in the world this week? What is the news in the UK this week?

  5. Complete the news quiz and find out what you know: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-37501123 For the exam you NEED to know what is going on in the UK and the world. You need to be able to join in an intelligent Level 2 conversation about matters of world and international interest.

  6. If you do nothing else – watch a summary of the news – EVERY DAY! http://news.sky.com/video/a-round-up-of-the-top-stories-10493578 

  7. Discuss giving a  presentation in class and tell Mark what date you are going to give a presentation and the topic.

Guess the famous person

Students’ writing using adjectives to describe someone. Can you guess the person? Can you see any mistakes? How can these sentences and descriptions be improved? Could you add a new sentence to sum the person up more succinctly?

  1. He is very hilarious in very clever way. He is likeable from youngs and adults in every way. He usually makes disasters but at the end everybody thanks him. He is generous British actor, he is very funny. He is cheerful and adorable. He is usually playing comedy movies, he is famous for his role in Black Adder.
  2. He is a talented football player, who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is one of the best players in the world. Last year he was capable to win the UEFA Champions League and the Golden Ball.
  3. He is a lawyer. He is a peaceful man and brave at the same time. He was able to bring to his country independence from colonisation. He is a patient man. He makes new methods to fight colonising known as non-violence.
  4. She was a famous actress in 1950-1960s. She was married six times and she was married twice with one of them, whos name is Richard Burton. She had four children and one of them was adopted girl. She was a very strong willed personality and amazing actress. She started acting from her childhood and became very popular later.
  5. He has a calm deep warm voice who has great experience in making documentaries about nature and animals. He is a well-known person on BBC TV, knowledgeable, productive, skilful, curious about animal life, and sometimes energetic and sensitive.

Today’s words:

succinct adjective

said in a clear and short way; expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words:

Keep your letter succinct and to the point.

personality noun (FAMOUS PERSON)


B2 [ C ] a famous person:

The show is hosted by a popular TV personality.

capable adjective

B2 able to do things effectively and skilfully, and to achieveresults:

She’s a very capable woman/worker/judge.
We need to get an assistant who’s capable and efficient.

capable of sth/doing sth

B2 having the ability, power, or qualities to be able to do something:
Only the Democratic Party is capable of running the country.
Answers to descriptions:
1. Rowan Atkinson
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Elizabeth Taylor
5. David Attenborough

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