Welcome to your ESOL class – introduce yourself – September 2016




  1. Icebreakers

  2. Induction

  3. College tour

  4. getting to know your class

  5. Diagnostic tests, BSKB & online ILP.s

Today’s words

possession noun

C2 [ U ] the fact that you have or own something:

The possession of large amounts of money does not ensure happiness.
formal I have in my possession a letter which may be of interest to you.
formal He was found in possession of explosives.


B2 [ C usually plural ]something that you own or that you are carrying with you at a particular time:

Please remember to take all your personal possessions with you when you leavethe aircraft.

influence noun [ C or U ]

B2 the power to have an effect on people or things, or a person or thing that is able to do this:

Helen’s a bad/good influence on him.
He has a huge amount of influence over the city council.
Christopher hoped to exert his influence to make them change their minds.
At the time she was under the influence of her father.

ideal adjective

B2 perfect, or the best possible:

the ideal employer
She’s the ideal person (= exactly the right type of person) for the job.
The television also comes in a compact 36 cm screen size, ideal for bedroom orkitchen use.
It’s the ideal opportunity to meet people.
In an ideal world no one would go hungry.

More examples

an ice-breaker ship in the Arctic
Image result for arctic icebreaker ship

idiom noun


B2 [ C ] a group of words in afixed order that have aparticular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own:

To “have bitten off more than you canchew” is an idiom that means you have tried to do something which is too difficult for you.

icebreaker noun [ C ]

icebreaker noun [ C ] (ACTIVITY)


a game or joke that makespeople who do not know each other feel more relaxedtogether

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