“Mistakes are proof that you’re trying!” Quotes about language learning

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Level 2 Group 3 – Reasons:

  1. To speak to the GP and others without an interpreter
  2. To go to higher education – to have a better future, to get a better job
  3. talk and chat with neighbours, people who live in the UK – including other students
  4. to help solve day-to-day problems
  5. to feel confident
  6. to teach your children to speak English
  7. to understand written communication
  8. to discover and enjoy British culture
  9. to help you travel – English is an international language
  10. to improve your writing – to be understood and to express your feelings and ideas.

the top 10 ways to learn English

  1. Attend an English class
  2. watch movies & TV.
  3. read books, newspapers and websites.
  4. use social media – i h8 u. lol. 🙂
  5. grammar exercises, pronunciation exercises
  6. Use Canvas – the college’s Virtual Learning Environment
  7. speak to native speakers and other students in English
  8. find an English speaking romantic partner
  9. be confident – be prepared to make mistakes
  10. teach and learn other languages

Today’s words:

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impressive adjective

B2 If an object or achievement is impressive, you admire or respectit, usually because it is special, important, or very large:

That was an impressive performance from such a young tennis player.
an impressive collection of modern paintings
There are some very impressive buildings in the town.


B2 If someone is impressive, you admire or respect that person fortheir special skills or abilities:

She’s a very impressive public speaker.

proud adjective

proud adjective (SATISFIED)

B1 feeling pleasure and satisfaction because you or peopleconnected with you have done or got something good:

You must be very proud of your son.
We’re particularly proud of our company’s environmental record.
When she received her prize I think I was the proudest parent on the face of theearth.
[ + to infinitive ] I’m very proud to have been involved in this project.
[ + (that) ] I was so proud (that) my son had been chosen for the national team.

daring adjective

brave and taking risks:

a daring escape
This is a daring new film (= one willing to risk criticism) by one of our most originalmodern directors.

wealthy adjective

B2 rich:

He’s a very wealthy man.
With their natural resources they are potentially a very wealthy country.

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