Hello class! Please, introduce yourself! – Mark’s Entry 1 ESOL class – 12th & 13th September 2016

First I want you to introduce yourself like this student has on the Padlet:

Entry 1 Group 1: https://padlet.com/embed/absmbfl6uv63

QR code for this padlet



  1. Get to know your classmates

  2. Get to know the college

  3. Listening Test – Charlie XCX song, ‘Boom Clap’

  4. Diagnostic tests – Maths and English

  5. Kahoot! quiz about the news + Mark + Salford City College

Image result for angry dog

A picture of my favourite animal – a little angry dog

This is NOT my favourite sport: snowboarding:

Now another Listening Test – listen to this Charlie XCX song, ‘Boom Clap’ and fill in the missing words:

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