You’re 25 & want to travel for a year. Tell your friend about your plans – Entry 3 Group 2 class notes 22nd June 2016


  1. Exam preparation – writing a friendly email to a friend

  2. Grammar revision – imperatives

  3. Adverbs of frequency

  4. Passive quiz

Adverbs of frequency:


making a sentence:

Do you usually play football on Saturday?

How often do you go to college?

  • imperative noun (GRAMMAR)

B2 [S] specialized language the form of a verb that is usually used for giving orders:In the phrase “Leave him alone!”, the verbleave” is an imperative/is in the imperative.


British Council app for phones QR code:

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johnny british council

Today’s words:

a cemetery:

Imperative signs & symbols – road signs & meanings:

a corner shop:

the difference between a couch & a coach:

a couch:

a coach (vehicle):

a tennis racket / a tennis raquet:

souvenir noun [C]

B1 something you buy or keep to help you remember aholiday or special event:He bought a model of a red London bus as a souvenir of his tripto London.We brought back a few souvenirs from our holiday in Mexico.


sailing noun

A2 [U] the sport or activity of using boats with sails:the sailing clubShe loves to go sailing.

ferry noun [C]

B1 a boat or ship for taking passengers and often vehiclesacross an area of water, especially as a regular service:a car ferryWe’re going to the Channel Islands by/on the ferry.We took the ferry to Calais.

backpacker noun [C]

B1 a person who travels with a backpack


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