scam noun [C] informal › an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people – Level 2 class notes 7th June 2016


  1. Grammar quiz

  2. What punishment fits the crime? You decide

  3. Real life scams + modals of deduction

  4. Writing an advice poster

  5. Real life rescue + writing a first-hand report

Modals of deduction:

He must have been running for charity. It couldn’t have been easy!

doing community service: ‘They must have vandalised somewhere.”

Counterfeit money:

Counterfeit designer goods:

The Real Hustle – Best Scams:

The Oceanos sinks:

Today’s words & facts:

In the UK it is estimated that each new prison place costs £119,000 and that the annual average cost for each prisoner exceeds £40,000. Such huge public expenditure should not be spent without question.28 Jul 2008


ASBOs are civil orders to protect the public from behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. An order contains conditions prohibiting an individual from carrying out specific anti-social acts or (for example) from entering defined areas.

Capital Punishment in the UK:

Last executions. England and in the United Kingdom: on 13 August 1964, Peter Anthony Allen, at Walton Prison in Liverpool, and Gwynne Owen Evans, at Strangeways Prison in Manchester, were executed for the murder of John Alan West on 7 April that year.

ankle tag for criminals (tagged):

muggy adjective

When the weather is muggy, it is unpleasantly warm and the air contains a lot of water.

ban verb [T usually passive]

B2 to forbid (= refuse to allow) something, especiallyofficially:The film was banned (= the government prevented it from beingshown) in several countries.[+ from + -ing verb] She was banned from driving for two years

burglar noun [C]

B2 a person who illegally enters buildings and steals things

mugger noun [C]

a person who attacks people in order to steal theirmoney

ransom noun [C or U]

a large amount of money that is demanded in exchangefor someone who has been taken prisoner, or sometimes for an animal:a ransom demand/noteThey demanded a huge ransom for the return of the little girlwhom they had kidnapped.

arson noun [U]

the crime of intentionally starting a fire in order todamage or destroy something, especially a building:A cinema was burned out in north London last night. Policesuspect arson.

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