Laura’s memory box – Level 2 – Class notes – June 6th


  1. Collaborative writing – ‘What was lost?’

  2. Writing about your personal history

  3. Writing about your past, present and future – Museum of My Life

What was lost – storylines – Level 2:

Name Place Age Job Mood What was lost?
1.  Kathleen Angel Queen’s Park (a big park in Bolton) 18 Actor excited Tooth
2.  Emily McDonald Salford Shopping Centre 35 writer Exhausted A shoe
3.  Tom True Buckingham Palace 26 doctor depressed Wife and pencil
4.  Sandra Samson Crete in Greece 15 athlete surprised socks
5.  Diana Giorgio Kitchen in the washing machine 30 dentist bored mind
6.  Ali Baba Media City, Salford 85 Bank clerk happy glasses
Mood What was lost?
excited Tooth
Exhausted A shoe
depressed Wife and pencil
surprised socks
bored mind
happy glasses


Making a memory box

A baby’s Memory Box:

engraved metal:

carved box:

a choir:

Justin Bieber perfume:

Today’s words:

lose your mind


to become mentally ill, or to start behaving in a silly orstrange way:You just spent all that money on a pair of shoes? Have youcompletely lost your mind?


C1 no longer new or fresh, usually as a result of being keptfor too long:The bread/biscuits/cake had gone stale.The morning after the party, their apartment smelled of stalecigarette smoke.

choirnoun [C, + sing/pl verb]

B2 a group of people who sing together:He sings in the church choir.choir practice

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