Food I hated as a child – Entry 1 Evening – class notes – 26th May 2016

Past simple exercises:


Today’s words:

  • lift noun (JOURNEY)

A2 [C usually singular] a free journey in another person’s vehicle, especially a car:I’ll give you a lift to the train station if you like.He hitched a lift (= stood by the road and made a signal asking acar to stop and take him) to Birmingham.
Relationship words:

widower noun [C]

a man whose wife or husband has died and who has not married again

widow noun [C]

B2 a woman whose husband or wife has died and who has not married again

  • mistress noun (PARTNER)

[C] a woman who is having a relationship with a married man:Edward VII and his mistress, Lillie Langtry

toy boy noun [C]

a young man who has a  romantic relationship with an older woman:Pam turned up at the party with her new toy boy.

trophy wife noun [C]

a young attractive woman who is married to a rich andsuccessful older man and acts as a symbol of his social position

  • affair noun [C] (RELATIONSHIP)

B2 a  relationship, especially a secret one: She’s having an affair with a married man.The book doesn’t make any mention of his love extramarital affair

Food I didn’t like when I was younger:



brussel sprouts:




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