Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ – Level 2 class notes 28th April 2016


  1. Slang matching – discover how to work out the meaning of words you can’t possibly know!

  2. Write a story using slang words

  3. Commas exercise

  4. Listen to a song & discuss

  5. Paired dictation to improve accuracy of listening, writing & reading.

Questions about the song for your first listen:

  • How old is the singer?

  • How old is the writer of the song? (songwriter)

  • What is the song about?

Now listen to the song (no video):


Play ‘You say we pay’ game.

Now watch the video and answer these questions:

How does the song make you feel?

What emotions does the song express?

The songwriter, Trent Reznor around the time he wrote the song:

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