Many online writing & reading exercises – Level 1 & Level 2

check your writing level-

Three Plans for Writing Practice

More writing work:

planning your writing & writing an email quiz

Formal and informal writing advice

Formal and informal style

Formal writing, writing an email and academic English

Check Your Writing Assessment

Word power

Formal and informal style

Writing a college assignment

Writing an email

Academic Word List – This is a list of the vocabulary you need to know for Level 1 & 2, or IELTS.

Write about your past & IELTS writing

Look at writing a cv

IELTS writing

Write about your past

Word power –

Listen to people describe how they record vocabulary. Learn techniques for building your vocabulary.

Drafting Your Writing Assessment

See what your level is….

Oxford University Press Upper Intermediate TEXT BUILDER – writing and memory exercises

Text builder exercises


Writing a letter

Planning your writing

Format and style

Building up paragraphs

Editing and proofreading

These pages may also be useful to look at:


Formal and informal style

Recognise aspects of formal and informal language and practise writing a formal letter.

Click Formal and informal style link to launch learning object.

L2 Exam practice Writing

Rewrite an application letter using formal language. Write a paragraph to summarise experience using formal language.

Click L2 Exam practice Writing link to launch learning object.

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