Don’t resent people’s success – Level 2 Group 1 – class notes – 22nd March 2016


  1. BKSB

  2. New verbs – making sentences

  3. Gerund or infinitive?

  4. Writing a silly story with the new verbs

  5. Kahoot!

Story no: 1:

“I don’t have any money left!” said Mark.

“Why not?” asked his friend, Ermintrude.

“I have just bought a new car for £100,000 on my credit card. And now I’m in trouble with the bank!”

“Wow!” said Ermintrude in shock. “How do you feel?” she asked caringly.

“Well, ” said Mark with a tear in his eye, “I regret spending the money. I’m an idiot. How about you? What’s happening in your life?”

“To be honest, ” said Ermintrude with a smile, “I’ve just split up with my boyfriend.”

“Oh no!” said Mark and looked at his friend in surprise.  Then he frowned, “How did he feel about that?”

Ermintrude was quiet for a moment. “He didn’t take it very well.” She shook her head, “If I am honest, I will admit I regret telling him by text, I should have spoken to him personally.”

“Oh my goodness!” Mark exclaimed. “I regret to tell you, Ermintrude, but you are a very cruel person!”

  1. I tried talking to her, but she wouldn’t agree to anything I said.
  2. I tried to talk to her, but they wouldn’t let me in to see her.
  3. ‘I tried talking to her’ means ‘I talked to her but it was no use.’
  4. ‘I tried to talk to her’ means ‘I couldn’t talk to her.’

I quit drinking beer.

I put off cleaning my room until tomorrow. I’m too lazy today.

I will practice singing in the class.

I postponed learning until next week.

She tolerates people whispering in the class.

I suggest playing chess.

He stops driving fast when he has been drinking.

I regret quitting my job. I regret not listening to my teacher.

I regret to tell you that it’s not home time yet.

I enjoy recalling my childhood.

I keep on talking rubbish in class every day. My teacher keeps on telling me to be quiet.

I dislike talking to students but it’s my job so I have no choice.

Today’s words:

  • tolerate verb [T] (ACCEPT)

B2 to ​acceptbehaviour and ​beliefs that are different from ​yourown, ​although you might not ​agree with or ​approve of them:I will not tolerate that ​kind of ​behaviour in my ​class.[+ -ing verb] I won’t tolerate lying.

expend iconexpend iconMore examples

  • tolerate verb [T] (DEAL WITH)

C2 to ​deal with something ​unpleasant or ​annoying, or to ​continueexistingdespitebad or ​difficultconditions:These ​ants can tolerate ​temperatures that would ​kill other ​species.

fond adjective (LIKING)

  • admit verb (ACCEPT)

B1 [T or I] to ​agree that something is ​true, ​especiallyunwillingly:He admitted his ​guilt/​mistake.[+ (that)] She admitted (that) she had made a ​mistake.[+ -ing verb] She admitted making a ​mistake.At first he ​deniedstealing the ​money but he ​later admitted (to) it.I wasn’t ​entirelyhonest with him, I admit.[+ to infinitive] The new ​law was ​generally admitted to be ​difficultto ​enforce.admit defeat to ​accept that you have ​failed and give up:After several ​attempts to ​untie the ​knot, I admitted ​defeat and ​cutthrough it with a ​knife.

expend iconexpend iconMore examples

schedule noun [C]

B2 a ​list of ​plannedactivities or things to be done ​showing the ​times or ​dates when they are ​intended to ​happen or be done:a ​production schedulea ​hectic/​tight (= very ​busy) scheduleEverything went according to schedule (= as had been ​planned).B1 US (UK timetable) a ​list of the ​times when ​events are ​plannedto ​happen, for ​example the ​times when ​classeshappen or when ​buses, etc. ​leave and ​arrive:The ​class schedule is ​available on the ​website.

  • bitter adjective (ANGRY)

B2 Someone who is bitter is ​angry and ​unhappy because they cannot ​forgetbad things that ​happened in the past:I ​feel very bitter about my ​childhood and all that I went through.
She’d ​sufferedterribly over the ​years but it hadn’t made her bitter.
A bitter ​experiencecausesdeeppain or ​anger:Failing the ​finalexams was a bitter disappointment for me.She ​learned through bitter experience that he was not to be ​trusted.B2 expressing a lot of ​hate and ​anger:a bitter ​fight/​argumentbitter ​recriminationsHe gave me a bitter ​look.
A feeling of deep anger and resentment. Bitterness is an emotion which encompasses both anger and hate, often people who are bitter appear to the world as just going around pissed off at everyone and everything. However bitterness is often a result of some past event which has hurt, scarred and jaded the person.

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