Facial expressions and stance – Level 2 Group 2 – class notes – 10th March 2016


  1. Infinitives vs gerunds – job qualities
  2. Body language and stance
  3. Body language reading

Today’s words:




fidget verb [I]

to make ​continuous, ​smallmovements that ​annoy other ​people:Children can’t ​sit still for ​long without fidgeting.Stop fidgeting!

clerk noun [C]

a ​person who ​works in an ​office, ​dealing with ​records or ​performinggeneralofficeduties:a filing clerka ​junior office clerk US (also salesclerk) a ​person who ​servescustomers in a ​shop:Take ​yourpurchases to the clerk, and he will ​wrap them for you. US (also desk clerk) a ​hotelemployee who ​deals with ​guestswhen they ​arrive:The clerk ​checked us in and gave us ​ourkey. US (also law clerk) a ​person who ​works with a ​judge and ​helps the ​judge make ​decisions

conceal verb [T]

C2 to ​prevent something from being ​seen or ​known about:The ​listeningdevice was concealed in a ​pen.I ​tried to conceal my ​surprise when she told me her ​age.It was said that the ​police concealed ​vitalevidence.Is there something you’re concealing from me?


stance noun [C]

stance noun [C] (OPINION)

C2 a way of ​thinking about something, ​especiallyexpressed in a ​publiclystatedopinion:The doctor’s stance on the ​issue of ​abortion is well ​known.
  • stance noun [C] (POSITION)

a ​particular way of ​standing:Jenny took up a stance with her ​feetslightlyapart, ​ready to ​catchthe ​ball.

eager adjective

B2 wanting very much to do or have something, ​especiallysomething ​interesting or ​enjoyable:the children’s eager ​faces[+ to infinitive] She ​sounded very eager tomeet you.They ​crowded around the ​spokesperson, eager for any ​news.

solve verb [T]

B1 to ​find an ​answer to a ​problem:to solve a ​problemto solve a ​mystery/​puzzle

improvise verb [I or T]

to ​invent or make something, such as a ​speech or a ​device, at the ​time when it is ​needed without already having ​planned it:I hadn’t ​prepared a ​speech so I ​suddenly had to improvise.We improvised a ​mattress from a ​pile of ​blankets. When ​actors or ​musicians improvise, they ​perform without ​preparedspeech or ​music, making up the ​play, ​music, etc. as they ​perform it:During ​certainscenes of the ​play there isn’t any ​script and the ​actors just improvise (the ​dialogue). 

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