Leap year facts for 2016 – Level 2 Group 1 – class notes 29th February 2016

Solve the anagram

college events & news:

Let’s start by paying a compliment to the people either side of us. Compliment them on who they are or how they have helped you, not just their nice shoes…

Now ask them how their weekend was.

What was the date on Monday?

Why is it significant?

an awkward marriage proposal


  1. BKSB

  2. Good mental health

  3. Leap year reading mingle

  4. Floods in the UK reading

Floods photos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2557462/UK-weather-Incredible-pictures-flooded-Britain-green-pleasant-land-brown-soggy-one-months-heavy-rain.html

Biblical: The road side store and workshop on the A361 near East Lyng in Somerset is completely flooded with water levels reaching seven foot, completely swamping the surrounding area

Wipe out: Before the recent heavy flooding this was a stretch of road, laying next to fields with small local businesses dotting the pathSandbags have been piled up as the dark skies threaten more rain over East Lyng, Somerset. The south west has suffered relentless rain since ChristmasWaters have risen to an incredible 8ft to turn the tiny Somerset village of East Lyng into a virtual ghost town

Today’s words:

understatement noun [S or U]

a ​statement that ​describes something in a way that makes it ​seem less ​important, ​serious, ​bad, etc. than it really is, or the ​act of making such ​statements:To say that her ​resignation was a ​shock would be an understatement – it ​causedpanic.“It didn’t go well? ” “That’s the understatement of theyear/​decade/​century. It was a ​disaster.”

accountancy noun [U]

the ​job of being an ​accountant:He ​works in accountancy.an accountancy ​firm

accountant noun [C]

B1 someone who ​keeps or ​examines the ​records of ​moneyreceived, ​paid, and ​owedby a ​company or ​person:a ​firm of accountants

expend iconexpend iconMore examples

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