“I’m only pulling your leg!” – Level 2 Group 1 – class notes – 25th January 2016


  • Speaking exam review

  • Body idioms quiz

  • Reading exam-style test.

  • Individual Learner Performance interview times – book yourself in now!

  • Feedback on the academic year so far.

  • Body idioms notes:

  1. When you are alone and have problems it’s difficult if you don’t have a shoulder to cry on.
  2. It’s hard to keep a straight face when someone falls over in the street. You know you’re not supposed to laugh but it’s really hard to stop yourself!
  3. When he saw a ghost it was a hair-raising experience. When I went on the rollercoaster it was hair-raising.
  4. The teacher heard the students talking at the back of the class but he turned a blind eye and said nothing.
  5. I offered the Queen some of my chips but she turned her nose up at them. They weren’t good enough for her. I offered him a lift on the back of my bike, but he turned his nose up at the idea saying he would rather walk. It wasn’t good enough for him!
  6. The cake, which I was eating, was mouth-watering.
  7. Up to your neck in it. There is so much work to do this month, I’m up to my neck in it. I feel like I’m drowning in paperwork!
  8. Get your head around it. Learning idioms is really difficult, I can’t seem to get my head round them. (they don’t make any sense!)
  9. Did you watch the news last night? The film about the starving children was heart-rending.
  10. I was so tense thinking about the exam. I had butterflies in my stomach all morning.
  11. Roger Federer beat Nadal hands down. It was a really easy victory.
  12. I’m not very good at knitting. I’m all fingers and thumbs with things like that.
  13. I kept telling Mahmoud that he had probably failed his exam, but it wasn’t true, I was only pulling his leg.
  14. I said something bad to my mother-in-law. I said I didn’t like her Yorkshire puddings and she’s really proud of them. I think I’ve really put my foot in it. She’ll never like me now.

Today’s words:

  • contempt noun [U] (NO RESPECT)

C2 a ​strongfeeling of ​disliking and having no ​respect for someone or something:At ​school she had ​complete contemptfor all her ​teachers.You should treat those ​remarks withthe contempt that they ​deserve.She’s beneath contempt (= I have no ​respect for her)!

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