Will you draw a blank or be teacher’s pet? – Entry 3 class notes – 13th January 2016



  1. Revision of vocabulary from previous week

  2. Questions in different tenses revision.

  3. Progress & writing review test

  4. Study skills discussion

  5. Mohammed’s presentation about Iran

The early bird catches the worm

Find someone who:

find someone who went to bed at 2am.

Did you go to bed at 2am last night?

find someone who likes sausages

Do you like sausages?

Today’s words:

achieve verb [T]

prefer verb [T] (CHOOSE)

A2 to like, ​choose, or ​want one thing ​rather than another:Do you prefer ​hot or ​coldweather?I prefer ​redwine towhite.

regret noun [C or U]

B2 a ​feeling of ​sadness about something ​sad or ​wrong or about a ​mistake that you have made, and a ​wish that it could have been different and ​better:I ​leftschool at 16, but I’ve had a ​greatlife and I have no regrets.The ​managerexpresseddeep regretat/for the ​number of ​staffreductions.

resolution noun

resolution noun (DECISION) C2 [C] a ​promise to yourself to do or to not do something:[+ to infinitive] I made a resolution togive up ​chocolate.

neighbourhood noun [C]

UK (US neighborhood) UK  /ˈneɪ.bə.hʊd/  US   /-bɚ-/

B1 the ​area of a ​town that ​surroundssomeone’s ​home, or the ​people who ​live in this ​area:There were ​lots of ​kids in my neighbourhood when I was ​growing up.They ​live in a ​wealthy/​poor/​friendlyneighbourhood.


receive verb [T] (GET)

A2 to get or be given something:Did you receive my ​letter?I received a ​phonecall fromyourmother.They received a ​visit from the ​police 

threaten verb

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