“How healthy are you?” Level 2 Group 1 – class notes 11-12 January 2016


  1. Exam practice (of course!)

  2. Complete a health & fitness quiz

  3. Think about the differences between competitive sports (where you try to beat an opponent) and individual sports (that you do alone).

  4. Read about world sport

  5. Start to use some intensifying adverbs

Today’s words:

 convenient adjective


thoroughly adverb (VERY MUCH)

B2 completely, very much:I thoroughly ​enjoyed the ​performance.

thoroughly adverb (CAREFULLY)

B2 in a ​detailed and ​careful way:We went through the ​report thoroughly but couldn’t ​find the ​informationanywhere.

sincere adjective


compete verb [I]

fair trade noun [U]

fairly traded

adverb UK   US

free-range adjective


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