Level 2 Group 1 – 14th December 2015 – class notes


1. VOCABULARY: How to use interjections

Interjections! Yay! Hmm? What are they?

2. Breaking English news speed reading exercise

How to use lyricstraining.com

• This is a great web-page to practice your listening and spelling.
• Your teacher will tell you what song to choose. There will be no Celine Dion. If you work fast and finish early you can choose your own favourite song lyrics.

Choose from the advanced level to test yourself. Then why not choose Christmas songs:

 Cascada, Let it snow

Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney & Wings

Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Last Christmas by Wham

3. Interjections & body language practice

4. how to score points for listening in the exam – practice:

a) How was your weekend?

b) How did you feel when you first came to England?

c) Are you becoming more British? How?

d) If Mark, or another British tourist, like Tallulah, went to YOUR COUNTRY, what culture shock would we experience?

e) What shocked you most? (Don’t talk about the weather!)

5. Adapting to a new culture: http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/uk-now/video-uk/settling-uk-student-life

6. CULTURE SHOCK – Polish IT consultant’s account of his experiences of life in the UK: random stuff that baffles me as an immigrant reddit.com post

7. Migrants views on Britain (The Daily Telegraph website)

8. Haifaa’s Prezi presentation

Today’s words:

dozen noun [C], determiner

UK   US  /ˈdʌz.ən/

B1 twelve:a dozen ​eggsThis ​recipe makes three dozen ​cookies.Could you get me half a dozen (= six)eggs when you go to the ​supermarket?informal I’ve ​spoken to him dozens of (= many)times, but I still don’t ​know his ​name!

barter verb [I or T]

UK   /ˈbɑː.tər/  US  /ˈbɑːr.t̬ɚ/

to ​exchangegoods for other things ​rather than for ​money:He bartered his ​stampcollection for her ​comics.We ​spent a ​wholehour bartering withstallholders for ​souvenirs.

culture shock noun [C or U]

UK   US  

a ​feeling of ​confusionfelt by someone ​visiting a ​country or ​placethat they do not ​know:It was a ​realcultureshock to ​find herself in Bangkok after ​living on a ​smallisland.

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