Level 2 Group 2 – class notes – 2nd & 3rd December 2015


  1. To learn more about transitional phrases (conjunctions)

  2. Online quiz 1    Quiz 2 Quiz 3 , Quiz 4

  3. Mixed grammar questions

  4. Work in teams to produce ideas for the speaking exam

  5. Use a writing template to write draft presentations to share with the class

  6. no student presentation today, so instead we’ll watch Janine Shepherd’s presentation and answer some questions  

  7. Bola’s presentation about Nigerian food

In the exam you will be giving a formal presentation, consequently you will need to:

Use Level 2 vocabulary and formal language

Have ideas, quotes, statistics and anecdotes about your topic

Structure your presentation in a logical way and be able to see different points of view

Use transitional phrases to link your ideas from introduction through to your balanced conclusion


today’s words:

strangely enough

B2 used to ​remark that something is ​surprising but ​true:Strangely enough, when it came to the ​test I ​actuallyfeltpretty​ relaxed.

contrary noun [S] (the pronunciation of this is very controversial. The students say I can’t say it correctly!)

UK   /ˈkɒn.trə.ri/  US   /ˈkɑːn.tre-/ formal

the contrary the ​opposite:I was ​worried that it might be too hard for me but it ​turned out the contrary was ​true.on the contraryB2 used to show that you ​think or ​feel the ​opposite of what has just been ​stated:“I ​thought you said the ​film was ​exciting?” “On the contrary, I ​nearlyfellasleephalf way through it!”to the contraryC1 saying or ​showing the ​opposite:For a ​longtime it was ​thought to be a ​harmlesssubstance, but we now have proof/​evidence to the contrary.

presumably adverb

UK   /prɪˈzjuː.mə.bli/  US   /-ˈzuː-/

B2 used to say what you ​think is the ​likelysituation:They can presumably ​afford to ​buy a ​biggerapartment.Presumably he just ​forgot to ​send the ​letter.

likelihood noun [U]

UK   US   /ˈlaɪ.kli.hʊd/

C2 the ​chance that something will ​happen:This ​latestdisputegreatlyincreases the likelihood of a ​strike.[+ that] There is every likelihood that more ​jobs will be ​lostlaterthis ​year.There is little likelihood now thatinterestrates will come down ​further.in all likelihoodC2 almostcertainly:In all likelihood everything will go to ​plan.

see previous days work on transitional phrases 🙂

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