Level 2 Group 1 – class notes – 23rd November 2015

  • Vocabulary revision naughts & crosses

  • Today’s topic – Social media & the traditional media

  • We’re going to look through some newspapers and consider the differences

  • Used to, To be used to, could get used to – find someone who

  • 3 different speakers – can you predict the topics?

  • Aimee Mullins (03.18 – 05.34)

  • Nadia Al-Sakkaf (06.42 – 12.15) 

  • Geena Rocero (00.12 – 04.31)

Today’s words:

certainly adverb

UK   /ˈsɜː.tən.li/  US   /ˈsɝː-/

certainly adverb (IN NO DOUBT)

A2 used to ​replycompletely or to ​emphasize something and show that there is no ​doubt about it:She certainly had a ​friend called ​Mark, but I don’t ​know whether he was her ​boyfriend.“This is ​rather a ​difficultquestion.” “Yes, it’s certainly not ​easy.”“Do you ​think more ​money should be given to ​education?” “Certainly!”“Had you ​forgotten about ​ouranniversary?” “Certainly not! I’ve ​reserved a ​table at Michel’s ​restaurant for this ​evening.”A2 used when ​agreeing or ​disagreeingstrongly to a ​request:“Could you ​lend me £10?” “Certainly.”“Did you take any ​money out of my ​purse?” “Certainly not!”

verify verb [T]

UK   US   /ˈver.ɪ.faɪ/

C1 to ​prove that something ​exists or is ​true, or to make ​certainthat something is ​correct:Are you ​able to verify ​youraccount/​allegation/​report/​theory?These ​numbers are ​surprisingly high and they’ll have to be verified.[+ (that)] Under interrogation, she verified (that) the ​tapes were ​authentic.

exclusive adjective (ONLY FOR SOME)

C1 limited to only one ​person or ​group of ​people:This ​room is for the exclusive use of ​guests.an exclusive interviewB2 expensive and only for ​people who are ​rich or of a high ​socialclass:an exclusive ​privatecluban exclusive ​part of ​town

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