Level 2 Group 1 – class notes – 22nd November 2015


  1. BKSB English diagnostics & individual learning continued ……. πŸ™‚

  2. http://www.tolearnenglish.com/english_lessons/used-to-exercises

  3. http://www.tolearnenglish.com/exercises/exercise-english-2/exercise-english-18091.php

  4. News: ESOL has organised a trip to the Clothes Show at the Birmingham NEC for Tuesday 8th December 2015

    Efrem’s presentation

    Next week we will be looking at the National Careers service website – Action plan – find your career

    level 2 wow factor ideas 2

level 2 wow factor ideas 1

disposable heroes of hiphoprisy, Television the drug of the nation – video clip!

Today’s words:

intrusionΒ noun [C or U]

UK Β  US Β /Ιͺnˈtruː.Κ’Ι™n/

C2 an ​occasion when someone goes into a ​place or ​situation where they are not ​wanted or ​expected to be:They ​complained about ​excessive​government intrusion (= ​unwanted​involvement) into ​their ​legitimate​activities.His ​phone ​call was a ​welcome intrusion into an ​otherwise ​tedious ​morning.

anxiety noun (WORRY)

B2 [U] an ​uncomfortable ​feeling of ​nervousness or ​worry about something that is ​happening or might ​happen in the ​future:Children ​normally ​feel a lot of anxietyabout ​their first ​day at ​school.That ​explains his anxiety over his ​health.

flimsy adjective (THIN)

β€Ί very ​thin, or ​easily ​broken or ​destroyed:You won’t be ​warm enough in that flimsy ​dress.We ​spent the ​night in a flimsy ​wooden​hut.a flimsy ​cardboard ​box

flimsy adjective (DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE)

β€Ί A flimsy ​argument, ​excuse, etc. is ​weak and ​difficult to ​believe:When I ​asked him why he was late, he gave me some flimsy ​excuse about having ​car ​trouble.

extentΒ noun [S or U]

UK Β  US Β  /Ιͺkˈstent/

B2 ​area or ​length; ​amount:From the ​top of the Empire State Building, you can ​see the ​full extent ofManhattan (= the ​area it ​covers).We don’t ​yet ​know the extent of his ​injuries (= how ​bad his ​injuries are).

houndΒ noun [C]

UK   US   /haʊnd/

β€Ί a ​type of ​dog used for ​hunting

houndΒ verb [T]

UK   US   /haʊnd/

β€Ί to ​chase someone or to ​refuse to ​leave someone ​alone, ​especiallybecause you ​want to get something from them:The ​reporters wouldn’t ​stop hounding her.


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