Level 2 Group 2 – class notes – 11th November 2015


  1. Remembrance Day

  2. Revision of prepostitions of time

  3. Remembrance day 2 minutes silence

  4. Newspapers – are they still relevant today

  5. Abdul’s presentation about Afghanistan

    Afghanistan in the 1970s


new words:

boy scouts

biodata noun [U]

UK   /ˈbaɪ.əʊˌdeɪ.tə/  US   /-oʊˌdeɪ.t̬ə/

details about someone’s ​life, ​job, and ​achievements

riot noun

UK   US   /ˈraɪ.ət/

C1 [C] a ​noisy, ​violent, and uncontrolled ​publicmeeting:Inner-city riots erupted when a ​local man was ​shot by ​police. [S] old-fashioned informal a very ​funny or ​entertainingoccasionor ​person:“How was the ​party?” “It was ​great – we had a riot.”I ​met Mike’s ​brother for the first ​time – he’s a riot.

debut noun [C]

UK   US   /ˈdeɪ.bju/

C1 the ​occasion when someone ​performs or ​presents something to the ​public for the first ​time:She made her ​professionalstage debut in Swan Lake.He ​started as an ​actor, making his debut as a ​director in 1990.her debut (= first)album

commemorate verb [T]

UK   US   /kəˈmem.ə.reɪt/

C2 to ​rememberofficially and give ​respect to a ​greatperson or ​event, ​especially by a ​publicceremony or by making a statueor ​specialbuilding:Gathered all together in this ​church, we commemorate those who ​losttheirlives in the ​war.A ​statue has been ​built to commemorate the 100th ​anniversary of the poet’s ​birthday.

tabloid adjective, noun [C]

UK   US   /ˈtæb.lɔɪd/

B2 (of or ​relating to) a ​type of ​popularnewspaper with ​smallpages that has many ​pictures and ​short, ​simplereports:the tabloid ​pressa tabloid ​newspaper 

broadsheet noun [C]

UK   /ˈbrɔːd.ʃiːt/  US   /ˈbrɑːd-/ UK

a ​newspaper that is ​printed on ​largesheets of ​paper, or an ​advertisementprinted on a ​largesheet of ​paper:In ​Britain, the broadsheets are ​generallybelieved to be more ​serious than the ​tabloids.

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