Level 2 Group 1 – class notes – 8th November 2015


  1. Complete your online ILP

  2. Do your BKSB Level Diagnostic test: “This is a diagnostic assessment, not a test. A test measures what you do know, whereas this set of questions will attempt to gauge what you do not know in order that your tutor can better assist you with your learning. Please try and answer all the questions, but do not guess. If you fluke a correct answer your tutor may think you understand the topic it refers to, when in truth you need to learn it.”

  3. Take a Level 2 Reading test: EdExcel tests here

  4. Amanuel’s presentation – global warming

  5. To be used to https://prezi.com/uwhzt2k7zpsk/copy-of-english-presentation/#

  6. Trip preparations

  7. 1-2-1 with Mark (if you haven’t spoken to me yet this term)

  • Today’s words:

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