Level 2 group 1 – my nana – used to & would stories on throwww.com – 2nd November 2015

Level 2 Group 1 students wrote about their grandparents on throwww.com using ussed to and would:

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My nana would always be in the kitchen whenever i went to visit the family house. She would enjoy spending a lot of time in cooking and making desserts and patisseries. And when she did not have something else to do, she used to sit down in a veranda attached to the kitchen and knit or have coffee with her neighbor. They would complain about their husbands, aching joints, the prices getting more expensive. They would also speak about their children, their grandchildren, the other neighbors, the old days and how better life was.
My nana liked to sing when nobody is listening and had a very nice voice. She would make up songs her own and it used to be of my best times when i walk to the kitchen in silence and listen secretly to her. Her songs will be about longing to her country and dead family and distant sons who traveled and got busy with life.
My nana had 12 sons and daughters and used to make fun of them having maximum 3 or 4 children. she always thought the more the merrier and that is why she used to invite all for lunch or dinner every couple days.
My nana was so excited when i went to university and used to tell me I made the right decision choosing medicine.. Nana always had a special respect for doctors and was proud of being the mother of 4 doctors and the grandmother of 8. I think that was because she used to be sick for long times in her life.
Unfortunately she did not live to see me when I graduated and became a doctor as she would wish to see me. I was in my third year at university when my nana died, but she was present in my graduation day more than anyone else in the room.





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