Level 2 Group 1 – Class Notes – 19th October 2015

1. Stereotypes



 a set ​idea that ​people have about what someone or something is like, ​especially an ​idea that is ​wrong

How do people stereotype you?

How do you stereotype other people?

How can you challenge stereotypes every day?

2. Rayan’s presentation – Try something new for 30 days.

3. Moodle Level 2 homework week 6 – Education webquest
4. Moodle – Education in the UK chatroom
5. Eh Poh’s presentation – https://prezi.com/m-5lwkvlhqr8/places/
6. Exam – listening to a CD.

Link to Tara’s drug addiction Prezi presentation:



rebel noun [C]

UK   US   /ˈreb.əl/

B2 a ​person who is ​opposed to the ​politicalsystem in ​theircountry and ​tries to ​change it using ​force :The rebels took over the ​capital and set up a new ​government.
rebel troops/​fighters
a ​person who does not like ​rules or ​authority, and ​shows this by ​behavingdifferently from most ​people in ​society:He was a rebel when he was a ​teenagerand ​dyed his ​hairpink.

patrol verb [I or T]

UK   /pəˈtrəʊl/  US  /-ˈtroʊl/ (-ll-)

(​especially of ​soldiers or the ​police) to go around an ​area or a ​building to ​see if there is any ​trouble or ​danger:The ​wholetown is patrolled by ​policebecause of the ​possibility of ​riots.A ​securityguard with a ​dog patrols the ​buildingsite at ​night.Coastguards ​found a ​desertedboatwhile patrolling (along) the ​coast.

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