Entry 3 Reading group – class notes – 21st September 2015


Viv Nicholson – reading to identify paragraph topics

Understanding when we use paragraphs

Paragraph matching game

Plan an essay about a friend


Shokhan is a very good student. She never comes to class late, she is clever and always speaks English in class. She has very neat handwriting.


soft toys

paragraph noun [C]

UK   /ˈpær.ə.ɡrɑːf/  US   /ˈper.ə.ɡræf/ (written abbreviationpara)

B1 a ​shortpart of a ​text, consisting of at least one ​sentence and ​beginning on a new ​line. It usually ​deals with a ​singleevent, ​description, ​idea, etc.

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