Level 2 Group 1 Class Notes 21st September 2015 – Prezi & adjectives


  1. Adjective order revision

  2. Vocabulary stretching game

  3. Life in Level 2 psychology & grammar exercise

  4. Presentations ideas

  5. Using Prezi

  1. Opinion: beautiful, ugly, nice, etc.
  2. Size: big, small, medium, etc.
  3. Age: old, new, young, etc.
  4. Shape: round, square, etc.
  5. Colour: black, blue, white, etc.
  6. Origin: French, Chinese, etc.
  7. Material: leather, wooden, plastic, etc.
  8. Purpose: planting, fishing, riding, etc.

GENERAL opinions are adjectives that can be used to describe almost any noun while SPECIFIC opinions are adjectives that can only describe certain nouns.
General opinion:
attractive, awful, bad, beautiful, good, excellent, lovely, nice, strange, cute, best, big
Specific opinion:
brilliant, delicious, comfortable, intelligent, mean, dedicated, polite, confident
In addition, there are some adjectives that can only be used in front of a noun. Some examples are:

Adjectives of direction: north, south, east, west
+ indoor, outdoor, countless, occasional, eventful
#She lives in the affluent western part of the city.
There are occasional problems with the computer system.

class notes

jot verb [T usually + adv/prep]

UK   /dʒɒt/  US   /dʒɑːt/ (-tt-)

to make a ​quickshortnote of something:Could you jot ​youraddress and ​phonenumber in my ​addressbook?
Phrasal verbs

fluent adjective

UK   US   /ˈfluː.ənt/

B2 When a ​person is fluent, they can ​speak a ​languageeasily, well, and ​quickly:She’s fluent inFrench.He’s a fluent ​Russianspeaker.B2 When a ​language is fluent, it is ​spokeneasily and without many ​pauses:He ​speaks fluent ​Chinese.

dismantle verb

UK   /dɪˈsmæn.tl̩/  US   /-t̬l̩/

[I or T] to take a ​machineapart or to come ​apart into ​separatepieces:She dismantled the ​washingmachine to ​see what the ​problemwas, but couldn’t put it back together again.The good thing about the ​bike is that it dismantles if you ​want to put it in the back of the ​car. [T] to get ​rid of a ​system or ​organization, usually over a ​period of ​time:Over the next three ​years, we will be ​gradually dismantling the ​company and ​selling off the ​profitableunits.Unions ​accuse the ​government of dismantling the National Health Service.

cosmopolitan adjective

UK   /ˌkɒz.məˈpɒl.ɪ.tən/  US  /ˌkɑːz.məˈpɑː.lɪ.t̬ən/ usually approving

C1 containing or having ​experience of ​people and things from many different ​parts of the ​world:New York is a ​highly cosmopolitan ​city.

insular adjective

UK   /ˈɪn.sjə.lər/  US   /-lɚ/ disapproving

interested only in ​your own ​country or ​group and not ​willingto ​accept different or ​foreignideas

noun [U] UK   /ˌɪn.sjəˈlær.ə.ti/  US   /-t̬i/


Different words for colours:





3 minute presentations


Family holidays should be paid for on the National Health
For Against
Better mental health Holidays are stressful
People are happy Too expensive
Save people money Expensive for the govt
New experiences

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