Level 2 Group 2 Class Notes Thursday 17th September 2015

Everybody should have:

  1. completed initial assessment

  2. ID card

  3. Diagnostic  – writing, reading & listening

  4. Grammar diagnostic

  5. Level 2 Pre course task

  6. 2 copies of your I.L.P. – your Individual Learning Plan – one for you and one for me.

    trend noun [C]

    UK   US   /trend/

    B1 a ​generaldevelopment or ​change in a ​situation or in the way that ​people are ​behaving:Surveys show a trend away from home-ownership and toward ​rentedaccommodation.There’s been a downward/​upward trend in ​sales in the last few ​years. a new ​development in ​clothing, ​make-up, etc.:Whatever the ​latest fashion trend, you can be ​sure Nicki will be ​wearing it.The trend at the ​moment is for a more ​natural and less ​made-uplook.on trend fashionable:

    stun verb [T]

    UK   US   /stʌn/ (-nn-)

    stun verb [T] (SHOCK)

    to ​shock or ​surprise someone very much:News of the ​disaster stunned ​peoplethroughout the ​world.She was stunned by the ​amount of ​support she ​received from well-wishers.

    stun verb [T] (MAKE UNCONSCIOUS)

    to make a ​person or ​animalunconscious or ​unable to ​thinknormally, ​especially by ​hittingtheirhead hard:Stunned by the ​impact, he ​lay on the ​groundwondering what had ​happened.

    stunning adjective

    UK   US   /ˈstʌn.ɪŋ/

    stunning adjective (BEAUTIFUL)

    B2 extremelybeautiful or ​attractive:a stunning ​dressa stunning ​view over the ​bay of Saint Tropez

    More examples

    stunning adjective (SHOCKING)

    shocking or very ​impressive:All the ​ideas have a stunning ​simplicity.

    adverb UK   US   /-li/

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