Level 2 Group 1 Class Notes 14th September 2015

Class objectives

  1. Getting to know you
  2. Booking one-to-one meetings with Mark – setting your targets for the term
  3. Online ILPs
  4. Online Maths & English tests
  5. Sylwia is in charge of all online tests
  6. Sarah is in charge of all online ILPs.
  7. Deciding who will do the first presentations in class.

What are the ingredients for a a good class?

ingredient noun [C]

UK   US   /ɪnˈɡriː.di.ənt/

B1 a ​food that is used with other ​foods in the ​preparation of a ​particulardish:The list of ingredients ​included 250 g of ​almonds.B2 one of the ​parts of something ​successful:Trust is a ​vital ingredient in a ​successfulmarriage.
1. good classroom
2. prepare for the exams – including homework
3. respect and tolerance
4. being helpful

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