Level 2 Group 2 Class Notes 10th September 2015

This is what is going to happen today:

Part one 9.00am-9.30am: 

  1. Complete your writing diagnosis OR ->

  2. Go to the library and check that you have applied for bus fare money (check your college email)

  3. Get a book out of the library. You are going to read it and write a review for next thursday.

9.30 – 9.45:

Part two  – splitting the two Level 2 classes

Part three – quick grammar test

Part four – back to the library (the LRC) to complete your online Individual Learning Plan & Maths assessment

Part five – go home.

notify  verb [T]

UK   /ˈnəʊ.tɪ.faɪ/  US   /ˈnoʊ.t̬ə-/

C1 to ​tell someone ​officially about something:The ​school is ​required to notify ​parents if ​theirchildrenfail to come to ​school.Has everyone been notified of the ​decision?[+ that] We notified the ​police that the ​bicycle had been ​stolen.

collaborate verb [I]

UK   US   /kəˈlæb.ə.reɪt/

collaborate verb [I] (WORK WITH)

C1 to ​work with someone ​else for a ​specialpurpose:Two ​writers collaborated on the ​script for the ​film.A ​Germancompany collaborated with a ​Swissfirm todevelop the ​product.The British and ​Italianpolice collaborated incatching the ​terrorists.

What do having a job and coming to college have in common:

  1. You will get sent home if you come in drunk or on drugs.
  2. You have to wear an ID card.
  3. Don’t bully people. Don’t call people names.
  4. Respect and be nice to people.
  5. Be punctual – timekeeping is important – don’t take too long for break and come on time.
  6. Put your phone on silent.
  7. Collaborate with your classmates.
  8. Get involved. Speak to people.
  9. Be organised.
  10. Be positive and focus on your learning.
  11. Try and keep trying. Be passionate with your learning.
  12. Be tidy and clean.

Be ready:

How can you be ready to learn?

Have a pen & paper. Have a folder. Be on time. Do your homework.

harassment noun [U]

UK   US   /ˈhær.əs.mənt/

C1 behaviour that ​annoys or ​upsets someone:sexual harassment

radicalize verb [T]

(UK usually radicalise) /ˈræd.ɪ.kəl.aɪz/

to make someone ​become more radical (= ​extreme) in ​theirpolitical or ​religiousbeliefs:The ​movie has ​clearly radicalized some ​voters.The ​bomber was ​thought to have been radicalized while in ​prison.Many ​youngpeople were radicalized by the ​war.

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