Level 2 Group 2 Class Notes 9th September 2015

class notes will be at: esolmark.wordpress.com we will use this online dictionary:


to practice pronunciation, synonyms and to learn new vocabulary.

Level 2 Group 2


  1. Meet your new classmates

  2. Start induction

  3. Diagnostic tests

diversity noun [S or U]

UK   /daɪˈvɜː.sɪ.ti/  US   /dɪˈvɝː.sə.t̬i/

C1 the ​fact of many different ​types of things or ​people being ​included in something; a ​range of different things or ​people:Does ​televisionadequatelyreflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the ​country? the ​fact that there are many different ​ideas or ​opinions about something:There is awide diversity ofopinion on the ​question of ​unilateraldisarmament.

Find out 2 interesting facts about your partner.

for example:

Francis thinks that sweets and chocolates are the easiest to give up, because they are not healthy.

He loves fruit.

Abdel is afraid to become ill, because if he is ill he can’t do anything.

He can’t live without his mobile, because he can’t communicate with his friends, however, I never make a call in Mark’s class because I am an excellent student.

What do we have in common?

a type of food we both dislike: octopus

an actor or actress we both admire: Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)

something  very expensive we would both like to have: a Ferrari

something you find very difficult about learning English:

slang, accents, grammar, listening, writing, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a famous person from the past:

a superstition you have both heard of: something you are afraid of:

superstition noun [C or U]

UK   /ˌsuː.pəˈstɪʃ.ən/  US   /-pɚ-/

a city you think is beautiful:

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