Level 2 class notes 8th September 2015

  1. Think of an animal you would like to be.
    Don’t tell anyone what the animal is.
    Now I want to you to write three adjectives that describe the character of the animal.
    Don’t write adjectives that describe how the animal looks.

For example
Dog – you could write
Loyal, clever, funny

2. This is a psychological test to show (apparently) how you see your ideal self. How you want to be, so:

Rula is funny, smart and helpful.

Efrem is lovely, friendly and helpful.

Amanuel is strong, tolerant and king of the forest.

Sarah is not crazy, slow or gluttonous.

Sylwia is confident, strong and admirable.

Amina is free, warrior-like, and proud.

warrior noun [C]

UK   /ˈwɒr.i.ər/  US   /ˈwɔːr.i.ɚ/

C1 a ​soldier, usually one who has both ​experience and ​skill in ​fighting, ​especially in the past:a Samurai warriora warrior ​king/​nation

admire verb [T]

UK   /ədˈmaɪər/  US   /-ˈmaɪr/

B1 to ​find someone or something ​attractive and ​pleasant to ​lookat:We ​stood for a few ​moments, admiring the ​view.I was just admiring ​yourjacket, Delia.B2 to ​respect and ​approve of someone or ​theirbehaviour:I admired him for his ​determination.I really admire ​people who can ​work in such ​difficultconditions.

gluttonous adjective

UK   /ˈɡlʌt.ən.əs/  US   /ˈɡlʌt̬-/ disapproving

eating and ​drinking more than you need using more than you need:She said that ​industrializedcountries should ​reducetheirgluttonous (= ​greater than is ​needed)consumption of ​oil.

tolerant adjective

UK   /ˈtɒl.ər.ənt/  US   /ˈtɑː.lɚ-/

tolerant adjective (ACCEPTING)

C1 willing to ​acceptbehaviour and ​beliefs that are different from ​your own, ​although you might not ​agree with or ​approve of them:
a duck
an eagle
If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose and 3 good reasons why you pick it.
The qualities we look for in a friend:

Rula: someone who is wild and free, healthy and who will help her mental state of mind.

Efrem: helpful, friendly and huge.

Amanuel: someone supportive, productive and loyal.

Sarah: someone who is brave, friendly and faithful.

Sylvia: someone protective, who will be loyal and make her happy.

Amina: someone playful, cocky and entertaining.

cocky adjective

UK   /ˈkɒk.i/  US   /ˈkɑː.ki/ informal disapproving

used to ​describe a ​youngperson who is ​confident in a way that is ​unpleasant and sometimes ​rude:He’s a ​bit cocky for my ​liking.
Objectives for today
1. Psychological animal experiment
2. Induction
3. Diagnostics

chore noun [C]

UK   /tʃɔːr/  US   /tʃɔːr/

C1 a ​job or ​piece of ​work that is often ​boring or ​unpleasant but ​needs to be done ​regularly:I’ll go ​shopping when I’ve done my chores (= done the ​jobs in or around the ​house).I ​find writing ​reports a ​real chore (= very ​boring).

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