Level 2 class notes 7th September 2015


  1. Icebreakers
  2. Induction
  3. College tour
  4. getting to know your class
  5. Diagnostic tests, Moodle & online I.L.P.s


a luxury cruise ship

a yacht

scuba diving

backpacknoun [C]

UK   US   /ˈbæk.pæk/ (also mainly UK rucksack)

a ​largebag used to ​carry things on ​your back, used ​especially by ​people who go ​camping or ​walking:It’s a ​frame backpack with a ​belt and ​paddedshoulderstraps.


portfolionoun [C]

UK   /ˌpɔːtˈfəʊ.li.əʊ/  US   /ˌpɔːrtˈfoʊ.li.oʊ/ (pluralportfolios)

portfolio noun [C] (CASE)

a ​large, ​thincase used for ​carryingdrawings, ​documents, etc. a ​collection of ​drawings, ​documents, etc. that ​represent a person’s, ​especially an artist’s, ​work:She’s ​trying to ​build up a portfolio of ​work to show during ​jobinterviews.

diversity noun [S or U]

UK   /daɪˈvɜː.sɪ.ti/  US   /dɪˈvɝː.sə.t̬i/

C1 the ​fact of many different ​types of things or ​people being ​included in something; a ​range of different things or ​people:Does ​televisionadequatelyreflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the ​country? the ​fact that there are many different ​ideas or ​opinions about something:There is awide diversity ofopinion on the ​question of ​unilateraldisarmament.

diagnosisnoun [C or U]

UK   /ˌdaɪ.əɡˈnəʊ.sɪs/  US   /-ˈnoʊ-/ (pluraldiagnoses )

C2 a ​judgment about what a ​particularillness or ​problem is, made after ​examining it:“What was the diagnosis?” “Arthritis in both ​joints.”The ​doctor has made an ​initial diagnosis.Diagnosis of the ​disease is ​difficult in the early ​stages.

retail verb [T]

UK   US   /ˈriː.teɪl/

to ​sellgoods to the ​public in ​shops, on the internet, etc.:The ​company makes and retails ​moderatelypricedsportswear.retail at/for sth to be ​sold at a ​particularprice:This ​laptop retails at £850.

career noun [C]

UK   /kəˈrɪər/  US   /-ˈrɪr/

B1 the ​job or ​series of ​jobs that you do during ​yourworkinglife, ​especially if you ​continue to get ​betterjobs and ​earn more ​money:He’s ​hoping for a career in the ​policeforce/as a ​policeofficer.When he ​retires he will be ​able to ​look back over a brilliant career(= a ​workinglife that has been very ​successful).It ​helps if you can ​move a few ​rungs up the career ladder before taking ​time off to have a ​baby.

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